But Fish Don’t Have Feelings, Right?


  One of the most asked questions that vegans get is “Do you eat fish?”  Most people give kind of a funny look and just say no. But in our heads we’re going “Uh, no! Fish are animals too, but no one seems…

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Compassionate Photo: Meet Ingrid


  Meet Ingrid! She is the second goat kid twin born to rescued mother, Delilah. Patrick and Delilah were both rescued and taken to Farm Sanctuary in New York. You can read about their heartwarming rescue, Patrick and Delilah: Crippled Goats Begin to Heal.…

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What is Tempeh Anyways?

Stacked tempeh

Photo credit: Food Craft Lab Every year the vegan universe comes out with more things that we can use to either supplement our nutrition sources (like protein) or create vegan versions of our once fondly enjoyed meat filled food.  Some of these are…

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I Didn’t Know She Was Vegan! Venus Williams


  Venus and Serena Williams. Two beautiful world class athletes. People always wonder if you can be an athlete and vegan at the same time. “But where do you get your protein?” is often one of the questions that vegans are faced with.…

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Compassionate Photo: Mary Had a Little Sheep

Little Lamb

Photo credit: Farm Sanctuary   Why do vegans avoid wool products anyways? You may be thinking, those crazy vegans – they don’t like anything! Well, we don’t support anything that uses animal products that they are supposed to be using for themselves, or…

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When Tofu Met Tempeh: Spaghetti and Meatballs

Vegan Spaghetti and Meatballs

  Sometimes you want the comforts of home without all of the carbs and calories. Spaghetti and meatballs is one of those meals that moms and grandmas just knew how to do well. Family recipes passed down through the generations are always a…

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Compassionate Photo: Who Says Pigs Can’t Be Pets?


 Photo Credit: DogVacay   Do you know anyone with a pet pig? It’s becoming more and more common place to own them as pets. I would totes get one if I was sure that it would stay the same size as I wanted…

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Island Vegan


Photo Credit: Original from This Is Me Vegan   Transitioning from Northern California with the awesome variety of vegan foods and restaurants, to a small Caribbean island has not been as easy as one would expect. So you would think that being vegan…

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Compassionate Photo: Pig in Boots 2!


 Photo Credit: I could not source the original photographer, this photo is everywhere!   Because if the other Pig In Boots photo wasn’t cute enough for you – check out this little guy in his red boots – ready for a rainstorm!  …

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21 Day Cleanse and 30 Day Green Smoothie Challenge


Photo Credit: Simple Green Smoothies   Yep, you read that right. I joined a green smoothie challenge – and a cleanse! Now before you jump all over me about cleanses, this one actually contains real food! It contains whole foods and healthy smoothies!…

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