Cheese Assortment

Before I went vegan, I hadn’t met a cheese I didn’t like. It’s probably the most common question or inquiry we get as vegans: “How do you go without cheese?!”

Oh. What you really meant to ask was how do I go without frequent breakouts, more constipation, and fat thighs – all brought on by consuming cow and goat secretions? Uh huh. Put it that way and cheese doesn’t sound so glamorous does it?


So how is my life after cheese?

Freakin’ awesome.

OK, I won’t tell you a complete lie that I don’t occasionally miss that salty, tangy creaminess of certain cheeses. For instance, a salad with walnuts, cranberries and apples always taste better with some form of a soft cheese – but if I plan ahead, I can make an equally delicious nut cheese instead. At non-vegan restaurants, I’m S.O.L, but that is just something I’ve come to live with and it has proven to not be the end of the world.


How do I survive?

Just fine.

Since I’ve come off of my initial cheese addiction, I just order/make things sans cheese or with a cheese substitute (like nooch) and I am none the wiser.

Not to mention (OK I’ll mention it), the dairy industry is one of the WORST offenders of animal cruelty! I simply refuse to consume a product that forces an animal to continually get pregnant only to steal her milk and her babies from her.



My Vegan Rule #27:

The love of cheese is nothing more than an affection for hormone induced cow secretions. Yeah, I can totally do without it.